First things first, to all our registered Users:

Thank to each and every one of You
for your kind support and partecipation

In order to make Phase 3 of our Beta happening, let alone reaching a target number of you, we need some of the actual registered ones to actually activate their account following all the steps provided to be in Phase 1 and 2.

More is coming and We would like to have You too here with us.

Beta Programme follow-up:
  • -  the number of partecipants will be a closed one, so please do not be late subscribing. We are almost there so do not miss it.
  • -  to partecipate you will have to provide us your e-mail address and desired nickname, follow the instructions you will be displayed
  • -  once subscribed, depends by the role you will chose you will asked to provide us different feedback and informations
  • -  on the conclusion, the most active partecipants will be granted with different benefits based on level of partecipation*

  • Current:
  • Phase 1 : user creation and activation is started, please proceed to the user signing if you wish to participate.
  • Phase 2 : user validation and authentication post Login

  • Coming soon:
  • Phase 3 : user main profile creation and verification. At 90% current user target and registered user account activations.

  • Conditionals:
  • Phase 4 : user professional profile creation and verification.
  • Phase 5 : basic first look around.

  • More details will be published soon, meanwhile, thank you for your kind partecipation till now.

  • FAQ:

  • -   why are you asking for my email address? Only to confirm that you are actually a person, indeed you have to activate your account. On your request the email address you have provided, could be used to recover your account, a forgotten password or other options and action you will have authorized first.

  • -   what about the data we are or will be providing to you? Your information will be just part of the beta programme and used within its scope as stated in our privacy statement you read and confirmed read at the subscription. Near the end of our Beta programme, you will be asked if you would like to progress your experience and stay with us or leave. In case you decide to leave, your data related to this Beta programme partecipation will be completely erased to respect your will and of course your privacy. On the other end, if you will decide to leave, once you have left, any obtained right, promotion code or benefit, advantage eventually granted will be also lost and not recoverable: after your data are erased, it would not be possible to recover them or recover your account information; even if you would use the same infomations it will be as a new come user.

  • -   what do you mean with Conditions have to be met? Like everything, there are required conditions to make things happen for example, conditions: daytime, no clouds -results: sunny day! Strictly to the programme there are many, for example, a target number of minimal users subscribing and or doing something in order to progress in the programme and so on.


* Conditions will have to be met.

* Conditions will have to be met.